2018 Acro DOT 412 Stainless Steel 316L (9500-Gallon) Vacuum Trailer w/ Blower

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$236,611.00 Canadian Dollars
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Stock Number GL1834


2018 Acro DOT 412 316L Stainless Steel (9500-Gallon) Vacuum Trailer

  • Model 16-30N-12-9000-1
  • DOT 412 Code Single Compartment Vacuum Tank
  • Operating Pressure: 25 PSIG and Full Vacuum
  • Maximum Loading Temperature: 150-Degrees F
  • Max Product Density: 13# Per Gallon
  • Material Type 316L Stainless Steel with Exterior Polish
  • 9500 U.S. Gallon (226-Barrel) Capacity
  • Double Conical with 30-inch Pitch to Center
  • .250 Type 316L Stainless Steel Heads with Exterior Polish
  • .187 Type 316L-2B Shell with Internal Welds W-O
  • Three (3) .135 Type 316L Stainless Steel Full Head Style with Center Crawl Through and Large Radius Cutouts in Bottom. 3-inch Hole at 9, 12, and 3 O’Clock. 24-inch Radius Cutout in Baffles
  • Four (4) 20-inch Full-Opening ASME Manholes, #1 Manhole Raised with Primary Installed Inside Lid, Additional Manholes in Top Spaced Equally Between Baffles
  • Stainless Steel 25 PSIG Pressure Vent to Meet DOT 412 Requirements
  • Overturns at #1, 3, and 4 Manholes to Meet DOT Requirements
  • Stainless Steel Channel Rings Welded Solid to Shell
  • Stainless Steel Ladder at Rear with Side Safety Rail on Passenger Side
  • Aluminum Passenger Side Walkway 12-inch Wide Extending from #1 to #4 Manhole. Install Walkway as Close as Possible to the 2 and 3 O’Clock Position. Provide Stainless Steel Handrail Supported Off Ring by Full-Length of Walkway. Additional (Approximately 30-inch High) Stainless Steel Outside Safety Railing with Dual Horizontal Rails on Passenger Side
  • Aluminum Contour Front and Rear Fenders, Six (6) Rear Fenders to be Full Radius Single Axle
  • Mud-Flaps on Front Fenders Plus Six (6) Rear Fenders. Also Install Half Flaps on the Front of Fenders on #1 Trailer Axle. At Rear of All Fenders Plus Front of #1 Axle Install Stainless Steel Acro Anti Sail Brackets (Total of 10)
  • 10-inch x 21-feet Long Aluminum Hose Trough on Each Side with Ball Valve Drain at Front
  • Aluminum 36-inch Deep x 18-inch High x 48-inch Long Dual Door Cabinet to Enclose Discharge Piping. Additional 18-inch Deep x 18-inch High x 36-inch Long Dual Door Aluminum Cabinet at Rear Between Frame Rails Facing to Rear. 6 1/2-inch x 8 1/2-inch x 12-inch Steel Ridewell Box on Drivers Side Front
  • At Bottom Center of Trailer a 4-inch NVE Stainless Full Opening Knife Gate Valve. Elbow to Drivers Side to a 4-inch Brass Gate Valve and Terminate with 4-inch Aluminum Adapter and Dust Cap. Switch for Emergency Valve in Convenient Location on Drivers Side Cabinet
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Piping Cage to Meet DOT Requirements
  • Grote Ulta-Blue Seal Modular Plug System LED with Stainless Brackets and Stainless Steel Rear Light Boxes. Mid Turn Signals, Three (3) Lights in Rear Light Boxes with Center One Amber. 7-Way Connector in Front Nose Box Mounted Low on Front Frame. Extra Set of High Mount (9 and 3 O’Clock) LED Stop, Turn and Running Lights in Stainless Boxes. Switched Grote Work Light on Drivers Side Facing to Rear at Landing Gear Area with Switch in Roadside Front Box
  • All Stainless Steel Frames, Front, Landing Gear, and Rear Frames Including Crossmenber’s and Bolsters
  • Rear Bumper to Meet DOT Regulations
  • Jost A-400 50,000 2-Speed Landing Gear with Sand Shoes and Crank on Drivers Side
  • Ridewell Tri-Axle 75,000# (Ridelite) Air Ride Suspension on 60-inch Centers with Automatic Dump Valve
  • Three (3) 25,000# TP Series Axles w/ Stemco Guardian Seals, Dust Shields, Metal Hubcaps and 85 – 90W Oil
  • Q-Series S-Cam Brakes with Spring Brakes on Both Axles and Bendix Automatic Slack Adjusters, Rockwell 4S-2M ABS
  • 10-Hole Aluminum Disc 24.5 x 8.25 Wheels with Six (6) Polished
  • Hub Piloted with Cast Outboard Drums
  • Hubmeter (None)
  • Twelve (12) 11 x 24.5 Michelin XZY 3 16-Ply Rating
  • Tire Carrier (None)
  • Labelmaster #80SM “Slidemaster” Aluminum Placard Holds (Front, Rear, and Each Side)
  • Hypalon Manhole, Valve, and Pipeline Gaskets
  • Seals on All Outlets
  • Betts PS-1 Landing Gear Frame on Drivers Side
  • Red and White 2-inch Conspicuity Striping Installed on Each Side. Plus Rear Bumper to Meet DOT Regulations. 2-inch White Striping Installed on Rear Head Near the Top
  • All Steel Parts Painted with Urethane Acrylic Silver
  • 3-inch Drivers Side Internal 316 Stainless Steel Washout Line Full-Length of Trailer Running Horizontally Through Tank. Install Seven (7) 1-inch Stainless Half Couplings at 3 O’Clock Position Facing to Passenger Side. Where Lines Exit at Rear Head Install a 3-inch Betts WD 339 ALB Air Open/Spring Close Aluminum Butterfly Valve, 3-inch Aluminum Elbow Facing Down Immediately after The Air Spring Valve, Elbow Drivers Side Rear (Shear Section in Line) at a Slight Downward Slope. Terminate with 3-inch Aluminum Adapter and Dust Cap. Switch for Air Valve to be in Convenient Location at Rear.
  • 4-inch Type Stainless Steel Load Line with Internal Riser Line in Rear Head Offset to Drivers Side with Slight Downward Slope and a Threaded Steel Deflector Elbow at Top. At Bottom of Line Outboard of Head Install a 4-inch Aluminum Adaptor and Cap. Install a Manifold for an Additional 4-inch Line to Run to Sump Area at Center of Trailer
  • At Bottom of Line Outboard of Head Install a 4-inch Stainless Steel NVE Air Open/Spring Valve Terminating with 4-inch Aluminum Adapter and Cap
  • Install a Manifold for an Additional 4-inch Line to Run to Sump Area at Center of Trailer
  • Stainless Steel Primary Shutoff in #1 Manhole with Removable Basket, 6-inch Stainless Float Ball, 4-inch Air Open/Spring Close Challenger Isolation Valve, 4-Inch Stainless Elbow Facing to Drivers Side and Terminating with a 4-inch Barb. Switch for Primary in Drivers Side Front Box
  • 25-Gallon Steel Moisture Trap with 6-inch Stainless Float Ball Installed on Drivers Side Near Front with 4-inch Fitting. Easy Access Design, Removable Lid, Heavy-Duty Wing Nut Fasteners and 2-inch Drain Valve. 2-inch Brass Pressure Vent and Pressure Vacuum Gauge in Secondary Moisture Trap
  • NVE 4310 (912 CFM @ 27 Hg,) Vacuum Blower Package Complete with Parker Model F12-30 Bent Axis Piston Hydraulic Motor Close Coupled to Blower with Hydraulic Truck and Coupling, Inlet Filter in Cabinet, Muffler with 20 PSI Relief Valve on Drivers Side, 4-inch Wafer Swing Check, Jurop 4-inch 4-Way Valve on Drivers Side for Vacuum and Pressure Offloading, 5,000 PSI Hydraulic Test Gauge with Quick Release Connection on Drivers Side, Exhaust from Aluminum Adapter. Hydraulic Lines to be Able to Withstand Relied Valve Setting of 3,500 PSI. Line Sizes to be 1-inch HP (3,500 PSI Working Pressure) 1 1/4-inch LP (Less Than 1,000 PSI). 1/2-inch LP for Hydraulic Motor Case Drain (Less Than 500 PSI) All Lines to have JIC Hydraulic Fittings
  • 4-inch Goodyear Con-Ag Pressure/Vacuum Hose Connected from Primary to Secondry. Additional 4-inch Hose from Secondary to Blower
  • 4-inch Glycerin Filled Pressure/Vacuum Gauge Located at Drivers Side Near Center of Trailer with Readings from Center Manhole, Additional Gauge in Secondary Moisture Trap
  • Heavy-Duty Indicator Located on Drivers Side Near Center with 8-inch Stainless Float Ball
  • Inspections: (V) External Visual Inspection; (I) Internal Visual Inspection; (K) Leakage Test; (P) Pressure Test; (U) Upper Coupler Test. All Test Performed at Completion of Trailer with Appropriate Decals Installed on Front Head
  • O.A.L.: Approximately 45-feet Designed for Tri-Drive Tractor
  • Weight: Approximately 20,000 Pounds
  • Calibration: Theoretical in 1-inch Increments, Not for Resale
  • One (1) Furnished Service Manual with Unit
  • Acro Standard 3-Year Warranty

Located in Missouri, Manufacturer 3-Year Warranty, Financing, and Leasing Available, Call 888-432-9070 for More Information. Delivery Available.

*FET Not Included in Sale Price for United States Buyers

  • There are no features available
Stock #:GL1834
Truck Type:Vacuum Trailers
Suspension Type:Air Ride
Rear Axles:Tri
Rear Axle Weight:(3) 25,000
DOT Inspection:Yes
Body Make:Acro
Body Model:16-30N-12-9000
Vacuum Type:PD Blower
Pump Make:NVE 4310
CFM Rating:912
Pump Hg. Rating:27"
Tank Type:DOT 412
Tank Material:Stainless Steel
Tank Capacity:9500-Gallons

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