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Great Lakes Equipment Sales, Inc. has the largest inventory of New and Used In-Stock Work-Ready Vacuum Trucks and Equipment for sale in North America.

We have over 25-years of hands on experience as contractors in the industrial cleaning and environmental cleanup industry. We carry brands such as Rebel Metal Fabricators Hurricane Hydro-Vac Trucks, Hi-Vac, UltraVac, AquaTech, X-Vac, O'Brien Manufacturing, Progress Tank, Brenner Tank, Tri State, Camex, Super Products, Guzzler, GapVax, Vactor, Presvac, Cusco, Supervac 2000, Tornado, Foremost, Keith Huber, Vac-Con, Sewer Equipment Company of America, Ramvac, VacAll, Amerivac, VacMaster, Vector, Hurricane, and many more.

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Featured Listings

Stock # GL783
2014 Cusco Turbovac 3827 DOT 407/412 High Dump Industrial Air Mover
$280,000 USD
$364,701 CAD
Stock # GL765
2014 Vactor 2112 HXX PD Hydrovac w/Sludge Pump
$260,000 USD
$338,651 CAD
Stock # GL753
2012 Foremost Model 1200 Sloped Tank Hydrovac
$269,000 USD
$350,373 CAD
Stock # GL781
2014 Foremost FVS1600 Hydrovac
$375,000 CAD
$287,907 USD
Stock # GL573
2015 Super Products Mud Dog 1600 Hydrovac w/Sludge Pump
$430,000 USD
$560,076 CAD
Stock # GL572
2015 Vactor 2112 HXX PD Hydrovac w/Sludge Pump
$405,500 USD
$528,165 CAD
Stock # GL571
2015 Vactor 2112 HXX PD Hydrovac w/Sludge Pump
$405,500 USD
$528,165 CAD
Stock # GL711
2013 Brenner Tank DOT 407 Aluminum (4800-Gallon) Vacuum Truck
$155,000 USD
$201,888 CAD
Stock # GL693
2012 Vactor 2112 HXX PD Hydrovac w/Automatic Transmission
$259,000 USD
$337,348 CAD
Stock # GL779
2010 Vactor 2110-J6 Plus Combination Sewer Cleaner
$245,000 CAD
$188,099 USD
Stock # GL690
2016 Progress Tank 3600-Gallon Vacuum Truck
$142,900 USD
$186,128 CAD

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