Advantages of Leasing

First Pacific Funding makes financing and leasing easy, fast and affordable.

  • Additional Working Capital: If you are a seasoned business owner you may qualify for additional working capital.
  • Conservation of Capital: If your money is not tied up in equipment costs, you’re free to spend it on other items such as inventory, advertising, research & personnel.
  • Fixed Payments: Lock in payments – facilitate financial planning with stable payment structure.
  • 100% Financing: Eliminate the need for a down payment – use the cash elsewhere in your company for expansion.
  • Less “Red Tape”: Additional equipment can be acquired without renegotiating existing loan covenants. Leasing is a fast, convenient alternative to borrowing or crossing your fingers and waiting for a windfall.
  • Enjoy Flexibility: Longer term, lower payments structured to fit your budget. Leasing is the least restrictive form of financing today.
  • Tax Savings: Payments on qualifying leases are written off as direct operating expenses, reducing current taxable income. Avoid negative impact of the alternative minimum tax or mid-quarter depreciation penalties.
  • Enhanced Cash Flow: You pay only for the use of the asset, not its ownership. This makes for easier cash flow forecasting.
  • 100% Cost Coverage: All “soft” costs including insurance, maintenance taxes, training and installation shipping and software-right in the lease.
  • Purchase/Renewal Options: At the end of your lease, you choose to purchase your equipment, upgrade to new equipment or continue to lease at substantial savings.
  • Credit Diversification: Your bank lines are not burdened. Gives you leverage – leaving normal lines of bank credit undisturbed. Avoid restricting your ability to respond to opportunities and emergencies.
  • Off-Balance Sheet Source of Funds: Experience more liberal credit criteria as there is no disturbance of your current debt ratio. Improve ROE/ROA and other ratios so that you may improve your ability to acquire funds.
  • Avoid Capital Budgeting Constraints: Acquire needed equipment outside capital budgets. Lease payments are usually paid out of operating budget. Therefore, creates or maintains working capital for putting cash into things that make a direct profit, such as inventory, A/R and other faster-producing assets.

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